All in One Promotion FAQ


1) What is All in One Promotion?

All in One Promotion provides a wide range of site promotion tools and resources in one central location. You should find what you need here, instead of spending time hunting around the World Wide Web, Usenet groups, FTP sites and other Internet resources. At All in One, you will find a database of more than 1500 sites where you may submit your URL for a free link as well as a database of sites which offer low-cost links. Additionally, you will find an advertising-related database. In the advertising database, yoiu will find sites which are seeking advertisers and sponsors. All 3 databases will provide you with a comprehensive set of information about each site. Users will be able to quickly locate sites appropriate for their needs as well as compare sites based on their own criteria. Additionally, you will find links to related resources of value. You will find links to tips & pointers about site promotion and advertising as well as other resources which we believe will be of use to our visitors.

This collection of resources if provided by ERS as a service for the Internet community. It is intended for those who are promoting their sites themselves. We do not provide any kind of promotion services.

2) How do I get my site included?
See the "About" option for each database for specific details, or choose the "Add" option in each of the specific databases.

3) What does it cost?
Use of All in One Promotion and inclusion in any of its databases is free of charge, so relax and enjoy!

4) Can I list my site in more than one of the databases?
Absolutely! As long as your site meets the criteria, it can be in any or all of the databases. In fact, many sites will be listed in at least two of the databases, and some sites will be in all three. This is your chance to be easily located by people who are looking specifically for sites and services like yours!

5) What if I maintain more than one site, can I add more than 1?
Sure! As long as a site meets the criteria for the database, submit it! If you maintain 5 sites that invite people to submit links, then by all means, register each one!

6) What if I'm not in your database-- can I still link to you?
Definitely! We value every link to our site. We grant permission (as if you needed it!) to link to our site at any time, although we do ask people to please link to our main page ( And as our way of thanking our linking friends, we'll link to your site in turn. Let us know if you link to us so we can add you to our list!

7) Why are your pages so plain?
We figure that you are here because you are interested in promoting your site. Promoting a site well can be a tedious, time-consuming job. Therefore, we figure you don't really want to spend all day waiting for our flashy images to load. You want to get in, find your information, and get on with your mission. To this end, we have tried to keep graphics to a minimum, and when they are used, we repeat them so that you do not have to re-load icons. And I am proud to say we are a Java-free, Frames-free site. We have taken care to make sure our site looks as good as it can to as wide a range of browsers as possible, so we have geared our site to Netscape 1.22 and higher. We may not be flashy, but we aim to provide a wealth of high-quality resources.

8) What Improvements do You Have Planned?
We do indeed have some big improvements planned for Version 2 of All in One Promotion. Our number one priority is implementing a search option so that you can search for sites by keywords. This will allow All in One Promotion to be even more useful for your individual needs. We also want to implement a ratings system, to help you focus your efforts even further.

If you have ideas for how we can improve our site for you, WE WANT TO KNOW! Click HERE to go to our "Tell us what you think" form.

Stay tuned for another component of our site, coming soon: Get it!

9) Do you Really Want our Feedback?
Yes! Yes ! Yes! If we don't know what you like or despise about All in One Promotion, or what you think is useful or a hindrance, we can't give you what you want in this site. Tell us what we can do to help make your promotion quest easier. Tell us if we've missed some big resource. Just let us know that you've been here. We're interested in all of your feedback.

10) How come I can't put my site in the "Essential" or "General" categories?
That would be nice, wouldn't it? Every site has something to offer, but not every site offers the same thing. The sites in the Essential category stand out in the crowd because of their extraordinary usefullness. They are widely used and know by just about everyone. These sites are the mega search engines and directories. All in One Promotion has set up the categories of Find & Promote It! so that people can structure and maximize their promotion efforts. To that end, we want to make sure that the "Essential" sites truly are essential. If you think your site should be in there, let us know by E-mail. If we agree, we'll add it. The General category is for the many very nice search engines and directories which are not yet essential. Being in this category is no shame-- it merely means your site is not quite broad or deep enough or quite as busy as the truly big names (Yahoo, Alta Vista, etc.). Like the Essential section, the General section is restricted. If you think your site should be included, let us know. Regardless of the category, we check each site before it is added to make sure that it is entered into appropriate categories.

11) When are you getting a search engine for this site?
You didn't read question 9, did you? : )

12) The category for my site doesn't exist in Find & Promote It. What do I do?
If you have a site which needs a special subcategory in either the Location Specific or the Topic Specific sections, you can let us know about it when you submit or edit your listing. In either case, enter a "1000" as your category number, and in the field below enter the subcategory which would be best for your site. It's that simple!

For an example, you might have a site which is devoted to links to sites about Italy. You will notice that we have a category for Europe at present, but we do not have one for the Mediterranean or for Italy. You might wish to submit these are new categories we need.

13) I added or edited a site listing, and I don't see the new listing afterward. Why?
Changes and new listings are stored on the server, but they do not become part of the site until we run an update. We are currently running updates about every 2 days. As the number of changes and new listings increase, we will run updates more frequently.

14) Why do the listings move location from time to time?
As new listings are added and old listings removed the placement of the existing listings will change. All sections are organized alphabetically. A particular listing might be at the bottom of page 2, for example, and when a new listing is added, ends up at the top of page 3. Therefore, it will may not be of much use for you to bookmark individual pages. Instead, add the bookmark to the main All in 1 Promotion page.

15) Can I submit a non-Web resource, such as FTP, Gopher, or newsletter?

Sure. As long as the resource meets the criteria for the database (e.g. meets the price or time requirements, etc), then you can enter it. You might want to note that it is not a Web site in your description, however, since the vast majority of resources listed in Find & Promote It! are web sites.