Net Announce Posting Rules


Net Announce is a free mailing list intended to help people get the word out to other interested Netizens about important events, announcements, etc. These rules are designed to help us maintain a high quality of content which is informative. Above all, we want to ensure that Net Announce does not degenerate into a list of commercials and ads.

Please help us maintain a high quality of content and a minimum amount of "noise" by abiding by the following posting rules: (for more information, read our About Net Announce section).

  • First and foremost, no articles of a hateful nature shall be posted. Articles dealing with pornography and related adult material will also be withheld from Net Announce.

  • Articles must contain substantive infomation. A list of features for a service or product is generally a poorly disguised sales pitch rather than information and will be ignored.

    There has been some confusion over what we mean by "substantitve". We do not mean lighthearted articles or articles about humor or entertainment are not welcome. We are not striving to be scholarly. We are, however, trying to keep the element of commercialism minimized while maximizing the usefulness of the newsletter as a means of bringing attention to interesting or useful resources.

    In other words, the site must have something to recommend it aside from the fact that it is selling some product or service.

  • Articles related to MLM or "make money fast" will not be posted.

  • Articles posted to multiple categories will ALL be deleted. Post to the single best category.

  • DON'T SHOUT!! Articles which are written by caps lock- impaired individuals will be disregarded.

  • Articles must be in English (sorry, but that's the language of the moderator and of most of the readers). You are welcome to repeat the article in another language following the English version, if you so desire. Because the Moderator checks all sites to make sure the articles represent them accurately, the site must have an English option.

  • If your posting is for a commercial resources, it should be posted to the commercial category. In some instances, a commercial posting may be more appropriate elsewhere, but this is rare. Articles for commercial resources which are posted to other categories will have less of a chance of being posted. Please note that we are picky about the commercial postings we'll make (see point No. 2 above) and only a small portion of those submitted to us actually make it to the publication. (Over 50% of the articles submitted to us are commercial, and we limit the number we post to no more thzn 25% of the entire newsletter).

  • Repeat postings will not be made. Please allow 90 days between repeat postings. In the event of some major change during those 90 days between postings, you can post an article alerting people but it must go under the heading of "Update". (E-publications, for example, are welcome to post reminders of a new issue, but please use the "Update" category).

  • Submissions which fail to meet these standards will be ignored. We will not contact the person who submitted the article with an explanation. If your article is ignored, it was most likely too commercial or sales-oriented in the opinion of the moderator. Here is a short (but by no means inclusive) list of articles which will be ignored:
    • articles which mention a price or focus on sales features
    • articles which state Visa/Mastercard are accepted or which describe payment arrangements
    • MLM, "make money fast"
    • articles which say only "visit my site"

    Still unsure? Check our examples of unacceptable articles and how to make them acceptable section.

  • We will be offering sponsorship of the Net Announce mailing list. Should you wish to have a more frequent reminder of your site or take a commercial message to our subscribers, we would invite you to consider this option. Contact the moderator for more information via e-mail at

TIP: Don't title your article "New Site". We get a lot of those. When you are browsing through the archives, all you see is a long list of "new site" titles which tell you nothing. Post your article in the "new" category and then use the title to give people an idea of what it's about.

And one helpful note: we're noticing that people are posting articles about web sites and seem to be forgetting to include their URLs. Don't forget if you submit via the form that there is no sig file attached. If you don't include your URL , no one will know how to find you!