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Net Announce is a twice-weekly publication delivered via e-mail free to all subscribers. It was created and is maintained by Electronic Resource Services. It is moderated by Alicia Polk. The first issue was October 16, 1996.

All members of the Internet community are invited to submit postings to Net Announce. The purpose of Net Announce is to provide a forum for promoting awareness of events, resources and information relating to the Internet. Appropriate postings include announcements of upcoming events, new web sites and other Internet resources, and updates about new content at existing resources. Spamming and MLM-related messages are unacceptable and will not be posted to the group. Likewise, inappropriate postings such as those about pornography or hategroups will also NOT be posted. Articles must be rich in useful information, not a poorly disguised sales pitch. For more specific information about what is and is not acceptable subject matter for Net Announce, read our posting rules.

Net Announce is delivered to a subscriber's e-mail box on Tuesday and Friday evenings. Submissions are accepted for that day's announcements until 6 p.m., at which point the daily summary of announcements is mailed. All announcements submitted after the mailing will go in the following issue.

Subscribers to Net Announce will not receive the actual announcements themselves. Instead, they will receive a summary page which lists the titles of all announcements by subject. Those subscribers with mail-capable browsers will be able to click on the title and be taken to the article contents at the Net Announce site. All articles will always be available in the Net Announce archives, which are arranged by day, week, and month. Additionally, Net Announce subscribers may indicate to the mailing list manager by return e-mail which messages they are interested. The list manager will then e-mail the contents of only the requested articles to the subscriber. For those subscribers with busy e-mail boxes or who pay by the message, this will be a great resource saving feature.

To subscribe to Net Announce, either visit the form onsite, or send e-mail to with the word "subscribe" in the body of the message. If you desire the subscription to go to an e-mail address other than that which you are currently using, type "subscribe", substituting the desired e-mail address following the word "subscribe."

To unsubscribe, send the message "unsubscribe" to

To Post A Message to Net Announce:

  • E-mail: send to Put category in subject line
  • On-Site Form:

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