Software Helpers for Maintaining Ordered DVD Repository


Any spreadsheet program that can be found on most computers is a quick and free way of starting a database of DVDs stored in binders. Create a worksheet, then fill in the data about the DVD title in one row (see example below). What’s really important is that you put the “address” of the DVD including binder name and page inside it next to other information.


Commandos – Action – Arnold Schwarzenegger – “Action” binder – Page 12
Vanilla Sky – Romance – Tom Cruise – “Melodrama” binder – Page 6
The Cars – Children’s – Walt Disney Pictures – “Cartoons” binder – Page 21
If you lack some data on a particular title, you may refer to IMDB or Netflix websites to gather missing information.
By means of the spreadsheet software itself you will be able to sort all your DVDs by different fields such as genre, actors etc. Now whenever you find a title in a spreadsheet, you always know its “address” to locate in binders.