Arrange the Repository of Your DVD


In seemingly magical fashion, DVDCorral has gathered all the information related to DVD titles in your possession and embellished the list with recognizable cover art. The displayed list is brief, but you are free to click on any item to open more detailed description. Switching to “Thumbnails” mode of view will leave nothing but DVD covers onscreen, whereas detailed view will display a long listing of your movies accompanied with related information to scroll through. Here’s a tip: in detailed view you can click on any column to perform quick alphabetic sorting by contents of that column.

Your Friends Will Get to Know What DVDs You Own

Since DVDCorral is an online service, your DVD repository can be easily shared with your friends by giving them a direct link. Having signed in, spot the link seen in the higher part of the webpage. Copy that link and send it in an e-mail, post it in your blog or other place online. A valuable feature is that you can use the site’s functionality to record information on borrowed and lent DVDs. For this purpose you just push “Modify” and add a memo regarding who borrowed a disc and when he is supposed to return it.