Openoffice software


Openoffice calc is a software package made by oracle and is essentially an alternative choice to Microsoft excel. So to say, it is a software program that allows a person to make spreadsheets in tabular structure and lets one calculate and tabulate data. Nevertheless, since Openoffice calc is a little different from excel, most people would require a few Openoffice calc tips to give the software much better functionality. Possibly the greatest benefit of Openoffice calc is that it allows us to open documents in both. odf (open document format) and documents in the excel format.

One of the primary Openoffice calc tips, is that while opening a file in any format is done in the conventional way of selecting from a menu, the format in which one can save a calc file can also be adjusted. When in the save as box, you can select the format you want the document in from the ‘save as type’ drop down menu and the click save.

Since Openoffice calc is considered as among the best softwares for calculations, Openoffice calc tips on conducting them would be a must. To get any result, you would have to enter the ‘=’ symbol in a cell and then type the formula. It you want to take a value from another cell, left clicking the stated cell will automatically get you the value. Even several cell values can be acquired in this manner with the signs of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and so on. in between the. And yes, one would require to press enter in order to obtain a result.

Another place where Openoffice calc tips will be tremendously helpful is while trying to hide errors. This can be done by something known as conditional formatting, which allows us to cover up the error message within the cell. For this one must click on the cell and then open the conditional formatting dialogue box, over here we can set the font colour of the error message to that of the actual background colour, whill will serve to successfully hide it. Though this is the most significant feature of conditional formatting, it may be used in other situations also.